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Seating has been kindly  arranged by the locals for you to come down and view their grot spot.
This is Church Vale,Handsworth, B20  Dumping site,we need this to stop. Who are the culprits? by the 10th August, these bins had been removed and NO TIPPING signs erected, but still feeble minded local idiots are dumping.
Why cannot the Council provide effective INFORCEMENT and take these idiots to court !

Council bid to revamp waste collections – July 27, 2012 Posted in: Cllr McKay, News Birmingham
City Council will maintain weekly collections and modernise its refuse and recycling collection service by introducing wheeled bins to improve recycling rates if Government funding is awarded to the city.A multi-million bid is being prepared as part of the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Weekly Collection Support Scheme, worth £250million across England.The proposal, due before the council’s Cabinet on July 30, will enhance services and help meet the challenges of the planned growth of Birmingham by up to 10,000 homes per year, an ageing vehicle fleet and the need to modernise the depot infrastructure.Evidence from other authorities shows that recycling performance improves when wheeled bins are introduced* and the council’s bid aims to build on this by rolling out an incentive-based recycling project for the whole of Birmingham.

Welcome to our local FLORAL FILTH Trail
July 20th 2012

take the number 11 bus to Perry Barr, St Teresa's Church stop for a really
 fascinating filthy trail of disgarded trash next to our beautifully planted wild foliage.Watch out for details of other Scenic Filth Spots in Birchfield coming soon..........CHURCH VALE ?

so pop along soon before it disappears, some hopes I hear you say !
Update 13th October 2012- Chain Link fencing has been removed in places, but the litter still remains, what was the point of that we wonder?

"The Birchfield estate is located in inner city Birmingham, approximately 3 miles north of the city centre. It is a residential area and is principally a local authority 1960’s housing development. It has a
population of 7,689 people."
 Big Lottery wants to spend 1 Million pounds here.......perhaps a COMMUNITY CENTRE, your views welcome..........

Community Leaders show Chris Church (third left) from the Big Local around our area

Left to right,Raj Rattu,Denise Forsyth,Chris Church, Jimoh Folarin (vice chair Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum)

photo by Mike Tye (chair Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum)
Tues 5th 8pm another message from a contact form:
Name: Whatonearth? Subject: Noise violation Message:
Why has there been constant extremely loud base music playing from the
crown and cushion for two whole days!?! I live good distance away and I
can still hear/feel it with all my double glazed windows closed! Surely
this can be stopped? I dread to think what the summer will be like when
it's too hot to close the windows! This area really is going downhill !
Sad that the authorities won't help!     
Web Master "we are sorry to hear about your distress, the Monday Party Noise has been identified as coming from Ashcroft Grove, todays Noise was from the C&C, your complaint will be sent to the local councillors"
received Monday 4th June 18:00 A message from a contact form:Name: Unhappy resident Subject: Street Party
Hate to say this but there is a Party that is doing my head in, constant thud thud thud has spoilt my day,hope it doesn't ruin my evening as well ! is it Crown & Cushion or somewhere off Birchfield Road

Due to rain the Haughton Road street party was cancelled, but because of the kindness of Rev Eve Pitts of Holy Trinity Church,who offered the use of her Church Hall, all that turned up enjoyed a splendid party.Shame that she is seen as an "outsider" by those who make the rules for Neighbourhood Forums. She lives on the wrong side of Birchfield Road, even though her Parish and school is in the forum area.We think she should be made a Honourary Member at least !
 we are trying to organise this for Sunday 3rd June, but are running into difficulties with a Mr Gupta from Birmingham City Council insisting we have Insurance in place before he can authorise the closure of Haughton Road. We would wonder if he has seen this information from OXFORD CITY COUNCIL
Council drops need for insurance News homepage 20/05/2010 16:57:37 Oxford City Council has decided to drop
its requirement for Public Liability Insurance for street parties to encourage residents to organise them.
As a result of Streets Alive's advice and support
The Council decided at the highest level to waive their previous automatic requirement for insurance for residents street parties in small streets. They accepted our detailed case and best practice examples given from around the country.As part of the Streets for People programme of Oxford Civic Society to promote street parties across the city, we were together able to make the case to the council that such insurance was unnecessary and was a burden to residents organising their own event, inline with Streets Alive's years of experience on this issue.Also,Streets Alive has recruited a local Associate to support street partiesin the city, in line with the council's aim of 25 being held this summer. Streets Alive is also providing training to all forms of community workers in the city who will be able to facilitate less
confident residents to hold street parties in disadvantaged areas.

We have now paid the Public Liability Insurance at a cost of £79.50 !!!!!! so less buns for the children !!!!
Lozells & East Handsworth Neighbourhood POLICE Team held their
community meeting on Monday 28th May at 6:30pm at the Westerings Community Room
which is located on Grosvenor Road @ Westminster Road, and was attended to overflowing by folk from our area.

This is Councillor Quinnen (left) with local residents at Villa Cross filling a street planter on 12th April. We did ask if the one near Wellington Road Post Office (Leslie Road) could be similarly planted up but to date we have had no response from the Council.....shame, we are willing...what about a Flash Plant-up folks? The one nearest to Big John's needs desperately weeding

24 March 2012-   Shocking state of local underpass between the One Stop shopping Centre and
 Birmingham City University, view video report here

UPDATE  13th OCTOBER 2012-still the same if not worse, hold your nose as you descend into the cess-pit of a subway...................

 No not the million pounds for Birchfield, but drug money seized by local police

"The Birchfield estate is located in inner city Birmingham, approximately 3 miles north of the city centre. It is a residential area and is principally a local authority 1960’s housing development. It has a
population of 7,689 people."

 Big Lottery wants to spend 1 Million pounds here.......perhaps a COMMUNITY CENTRE, your views welcome..........

Birchfield residents come from the  neighbourhoods of the Birchfield district of the East Handsworth and Lozells ward,in the Perry Barr Constituency of Birmingham City council. Wellington,Birchfield,Westminster,Stamford, the Birchfield Estate, Calthorpe, Turville, Haughton, Havelock, Livingstone,Leslie,Willmore,Churchill,Hutton,Grosvenor,Wilton,Church Vale,Maxwell Avenue,Lea Hill and Putney Roads. Old Mill Close, Westminster Cresent, and the side roads off the main ones. 
If you feel you want to be included then please feel free to make contact
our Blog can be found here 
£231,000 drug and cash haul following Lozells raid

POLICE in Lozells have arrested a man and seized thousands of pounds worth of cash and drugs in a dawn raid this morning (Thursday 15 March).
Officers, acting on tip-offs from the public, entered the house on Frances Road, shortly before 5.30am.
A 24-year-old man who was at the address at the time was arrested on suspicion of possession with the intent to supply class A drugs.  He remains in police custody.Following a search of the property, officers recovered approximately 1.5kg of suspected heroin and crack
cocaine worth approximately £31,000.Approximately £200,000 of cash was also seized.
News of the success comes during a local blitz on drug dealers.
Yesterday Wednesday 14 March), the same officers raided a house on Church Street, Lozells, and recovered a large amount of herbal cannabis, an extendable baton and £1,000 of cash. A 33-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon and possession with the intent to supply class B drugs. He was later released on police bail pending further inquires.
On Tuesday (13 March), officers from the Lozells and East Handsworth neighbourhood policing team executed simultaneous dawn raids at Arden Grove and Leonard Road, Lozells.At the first address, officers forced entry and seized a quantity of
herbal cannabis and cannabis resin along with £4,000 in cash.  A 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession with the intent
to supply class B drugs and later charged with this offence.At the Leonard Road property, the team recovered a quantity of herbal
cannabis and heroin.  A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession with the intent to supply class B drugs. He was later charged with this offence.
Sergeant Lucy Bird led the drugs bust and is delighted with the results. She said: "The seizures secured this week are a great result for local people who have had enough of drug dealers operating on their streets and bringing shame on the law abiding majority and criminality to the area."Local people who recognise the harm such offences are having on their neighbourhood and have been incredibly supportive."Having seen our tough stance, they are coming forward to offer additional information which has led to today's operation."I would like to thank all of those people who have taken the time to contact us and share what information they have.
"We believe the domino effect we're seeing on drug dealers in the area will
continue and I would urge anyone with information which may help us rid Lozells of these people to come forward and speak to us."
Anyone with information on those responsible for drug crime in their neighbourhood should call police on 101.  Alternatively, people who do not want to speak with police officers directly can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
For advice on support services available to drug users and their families in Birmingham, call the Birmingham Drug and Alcohol Action Team on 0800 0730817.                         Sergeant 20040 Lucy Bird

This is a message from the Lozells & East Handsworth Neighbourhood Team.
As the warmer weather approaches, we traditionally see an increase in Burglaries. With this in mind, I would like to take this oppourtunity to remind you of the importance of making sure your property is secure at all times.
We will be holding a street action day on Wednesday 14th March at 12pm on Church Vale in Handsworth.
You will be able to speak to your local neighbourhood officers who can offer crime prevention advice and materials. There will also be
representatives from your local housing associations.If you wish to contact us for any further info, please dial '101' and the extension number '7862 6710'

NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICE meetings for the Birchfield area Monday 27th February 2012
at 6:30pm at Westerings Common room, corner Grosvenor with Westminster Roads 

Launch of new BIRCHFIELD Neighbourhood Forum for our area.Thursday 23rd February 2012, 6:30pm at CMAT Centre, 16 Grosvenor Road,B20 3NP

A BLITZ on drugs in Lozells and East Handsworth is gathering pace.

our area will now be THURSDAYstarting Monday 6th February 2012

Did you  have your say on the proposed closure of WESTMINSTER Road at its junction with Wellington Road?
The proposal reference 2011/07420/PA was passed by Planning Officers, it did not even make the Planning Committee !

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