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12th December Public Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum meeting for Residents, especially those with young children. This will be at 1.30pm at The Childrens' Centre on Haughton Road,B20 Come and meet the committee and staff from the Centre and Councillors.Total attendance by community= 0, thanks for your confidence in us !

20mph is Plenty Consultation,

Lozells and East Handsworth Ward Committee Meeting
Tuesday 12 November 2013, 7.00pm,
at Welford primary school,Welford road.

Petition due to be presented by residents of a road which experiences anti-social noise from a Sports Car and alleged fast driving,which the Police say they have no power to deal with,unless the law is broken ?

at ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTRE on 20th November from 3pm and 7pm there is a BCC consultation on keeping residential roads  under 20mph

Public Meeting of Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum with Parents of St Clare's school, Robert Road B20. 24th October 9am till 10am in Infant Hall
by kind permission o
f the acting Head Teacher.
Other residents are welcome

read about this event in the Autumn edition of The Birchfield Bugle

Before and After

by Friday 2nd August a skip has appeared outside this resident's
property full of his rubbish. He seems to have learnt that he is responsible
for clearing his own bulky waste and building material after a  Birmingham City Council Environmental Enforcement Officer visited on Monday 29th July to caution him under the EPA 1990,he was then made to remove the waste back to his front garden and make arrangements for bulky waste collection.
Thanks to all concerned
especially our ward councillors, the residents are pleased with this action.

Another cheeky pile left against his n
eighbour's wall (Broadway Dance Studio) on Livingstone Road, alleged to have come from the house (38) with the open gate and blocking the footpath for a week now. Not the first time either that this has happened. Does the owner not know there is a free service to remove this stuff at the moment called Large Items Collection.

 The owner seems to have an endless supply of furniture to get rid off.Come on mate have a bit more respect for OUR area.

Simon Baddeley posted in Handsworth Helping Hands Face Book account -

Simon Baddeley 9:19pm Jul 29- Along with our normal work, HHH will join with other local groups in drawing attention on these pages to local flytipping. Our Chair has posted this to ward councillors. We have seen the rubbish referred to on Livingstone Road and chose not to pick it up at this stage, lest the alleged flytipper treats our collection of their defacement of the street as a pretext to repeat the crime
Simon Baddeley 6:21pm Jul 29- Denise,Jan and Simon (driving the HHH transit van) went 'scavenging' in the rain on Havelock and Livingstone Roads this afternoon, collecting rubbish the council have missed as well as waste inside curtilages. Someone had inappropriately left out building material in green-waste bags - plastic bags which, if you tried to pick them up, broke under the weight of the sand, and rubble that had been put in them. We eased this material into our black dustbins and hefted them into the van. A riser-recliner - soaked and smelly - was lifted into the van. We also plucked a hefty load of damp beds. mattresses and miscellaneous broken plastic sacks of household waste shovelling up the spilled rubbish. We came across an overflowing city waste bin and tidied that with shovels and loaded more black bins with loose detritus. Two trips to the Holford Drive depot.

 Forget local politics, and dirty streets folks, look out for Mr COOL RASTA ICE (left) out and about on the streets of Birchfield, as he heads for SIMMERDOWN Festival in Handsworth Park on the 14th July and BIRMINGAM CARNIVAL on the 4th August in the park.

Council Ward Meeting Farce 26
June 2013
scheduled to start at 7pm, this must have been one of the quickest time slots for our overworked councillors.
he meeting was over by 7.45 when our Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum rep arrived, as the first 11 items before Matters of Urgent Public Concern include such juicy items as Nominations and appointments to Outside bodies.
So our opportunity to
ask about poor street cleansing in the Birchfield area, and failure to empty bins on a regular basis was not possible.Never mind the next meeting is in September, not far off. Seems Sir Albert is not only cutting back on services but doing away with public meetings like the District Committee and Ward Advisory Board, looks like its the wards time next.

This is the discraceful
sight outside 212 Westminster Road, B20 on the day the
 Free Radio Walkathon came by

elp police find m
issing local lad,
Mateusz Wojnowski, missing since Monday 6th May, phone 101

BIRCHFIELD BIG LOCAL holds COMMUNITY CONFERENCE 27th April thanks to St Clares RC Primary School, as finding a venue proved very difficult. We need a Community Hub !

view the even on this link

Sir Albert on the cuts we have to face

Give Perry Barr a Chance
-go to the campaigners web site to learn about how the closure of  Birmingham City University will effect your area. It would seem that the City's plan is to make Perry Barr and Birchfield even more run down than it is now, so who would want to buy a house on the estate shown below

The New Birchfield Estate as from

click to see Planning details and have your say before 5 March 2013

February 2013- we have now paid the rate demand to BCC of £575.57 as a result of a kind donation to Aston Vision Association. We will resume publication of the Birchfield Bugle should further funding become available from our Community First application.

January 2013
Due to  the demand, which we dispute, for £575.57 from Birmingham City Council to pay rates on a rent free room kindly given by St Teresas Parish, at 311a Wellington Road, occupied to do Community work between August 07 to October 09,there will be no further community announcements on this site. Voluntary work seems to very costly not only in terms of time given over to services which the council should have supported, but in actual hard cash that had been allocated to Community Reachout (Birchfield Bugle). Thanks for your support over the years, but this may be our last communication,sorry.
Aston Vision Association-publishers of Birchfield Bugle, and this Web site. 

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