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2nd December-Radio 4 reports from Willmore Road,Birchfield.

Local residents describe, at 2mins 20sec to BBC reporter the problem of uncollected black bags and other street rubbish.Sir Albert in same item says,we are trimming back all the time to save the background we can hear the bustle of the German Market doing very well.

here is a copy of our email to the Council and their Response
flood emails

At Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum's AGM one of the agenda items dealt with Community concerns over permission granted to house "ex-offenders" in a hostel near to Westminster school,this reply has been sent from the council..........

Letter to Stamford Road Residents.pdf

St Teresa’s Court- viewing the new development seen from One Stop

St Teresa’s Court is a development of high quality 1 and 2 bedroomed apartments for people aged over 55.
The scheme offers independent living in a safe and secure environment.
If you are interested in either purchasing or renting an apartment, please attend one of the following open days where you will have the opportunity to have a look around the scheme, as well as ask any questions about living there.
Friday 10th October 2014, between 10am and 4pm & Tuesday 14th October 2014, between 1pm and 6pm
The scheme is situated at Celine Grove, off Wellington Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B20 2QU.

Please confirm your attendance by calling 0121 633 4633 and ask for the Duty Desk or


Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum
invite you to its Annual General PUBLIC MEETING

Thursday 2nd October 2014 7pm at St Clare’s School, (by kind permission of the Headteacher) Robert Road, B20 3RT
We have invited our Councillors to come and give answers as to why our area is so untidy and full of Fly Tipping. We want answers on improving Waste Collection and Street Cleaning. We want your views on how to improve our streets and environment. Reports will given of our activity over the last year and officers will be elected.

Hutton Road junction Westminster Road is our latest Grot Spot-17th Septemberdid the wagon pick it up? No just passed by !

POLICE INFORMATION- Update for the Lozells and East Handsworth Community
A slightly late update on your local neighbourhood police team for July and August:Crime figures year to date (since April):Robbery Burglary (from dwellings) Vehicle Crime40 (33.3%reduction) 56 (21.7% increase ) 86 (18.9% decrease)Total crime 758 offences (107 less offences, 12.4% decrease) YTD
Good News
Successful drugs warrantsThe team are constantly working on reducing drug crime in the area. We have just received an update from court from when the team arrested two brothers when a quantity of class A and B drugs were recovered. They have received a custodial sentence of 3 years 9 months each. This was after an intelligence led raid on their house in Birchfield. The team have also executed a number of other warrants in the area where class A and B drugs have been recovered. The suspects are still being investigated.Robbery problem nipped in the bud After a number of chain snatch robberies were reported on or near the Soho Road the team reacted immediately by increasing patrols to provide reassurance. Some excellent investigation has led to the arrest of suspects and the offences have now stopped. There have been 20 less robbery offences in your area so far this year compared to last year.Anti-social behaviour at public houses As a result of numerous complaints about anti-social behaviour the team have increased our activity around our public houses. We have spoken to licensee’s and you will see us conducting licensing checks on a regular basis. Improvements have been noted but please report any problems to us.
Please ensure you property is as secure as possible. Please report any suspicious activity. Officers are conducting plain clothes patrols to target the increase in burglary
.Next Community meetings: 4th September 2014 at 5pm at the Westerings Common Room, Grosvenor Road.

To contact the team call: 101 ext 7862 6704. email:
Twitter: @LEHPolice or visit us at Handsworth Police Station.

Do we deserve this treatment by our residents ?

Bulky waste from local residents, we have numbers of their house and will pass to Environmental Department for action. If you have large items let the Council take it away, call 0121-303-1111

WARD meeting, Tuesday 15th July 7pm
at Welford primary school, Welford road, B20 2BL
agenda item 16 should be of interest to our residents,


(*home in multiple occupation)
This is referring to LIVINGSTONE HOUSE which has now been sold to a London Developer, which Birchfield Big Local had hoped would have been available as a Community Hub.Look at their advertising animation and note that the whole area seems to have been replaced !

Housing Construction begins in Birchfield June 2014

There are 2 sites being developed at the moment; the above site is at Livingstone Road for Birmingham City Council.
Below the private development on Wellington/Westminster Roads by Boss Homes is well under way;they plan to close the road junction.

St Teresa's School,
anniversary Saturday 7th to see report

published details of their projects within the area, has been slow in appearing,as there are currently no  details on their websites, so we are giving you this information gained either from project publicity, what we have read in the BIRCHFIELD BIG LOCAL  newsletter,or heard mentioned on the street.
Currently we have identified the following projects in the area.
You can work out the funds allocated from the Plan

Click here to view a copy of the Plan

at Wilton Road, United Reformed Church

2- BLOOM in BIRCHFIELD-Birchfield Residents Action Group,at Livingstone Road, Allotments.
3-Sessions take place at Westminster School, and Holy Trinity around Employment training and Confidence Building.
4- Families with Disabled children have had play sessions at Broadway Dance Studio, Livingstone Road, and there is a Women's Walking group.
5- Seniors at The Seventh Day Adventist Church, Hutton Road, have KEEP FIT sessions.
6-The Social Enterprise Hub have held sessions.
Why not give the paid Development worker a call for further information,on 07429 838 699 or call in to the office at Grosvenor Road studios, 16 Grosvenor Road, B20

PLANNING APPLICATIONS LOCALLY,coming in thick and fast

  and moved this skip off our street where it had remained uncollected since


early April by its owners WASTE AWAY SKIPS
 after the builder's job was completed at the beginning of April. Until 20th May, it remains outside the unfortunate householders property in BIRCHFIELD and had  been added to by local fly tippers, resulting in a dangerous overload 
The local Lozells and East Handsworth ward councillors seemed ineffective in getting it moved. Only Asda had cooperated in removing their 2 dumped trollies.

WASTE AWAY and JW SKIPS were phoned by Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum and Birmingham City Council numerous times since May 7th with the usual promise by Dominic of WASTE AWAY that "it will be moved by.......", so the MORAL OF THIS TALE is "don't waste your time with a Waste-away skip use a local company who may prove more reliable."

so if you want an unreliable company,
1- use JW Skips of Brown Hills, who the builder paid originally as they claim they are only a skip broker, or
2-WASTE AWAY of Tamworth who do not honour their word in collecting from the client, but have finally come clean by moving it on 20th May, as a result of the Council telling them to move it or pay charges that would be imposed if the Council cleared it.


Local Nursery Closure- Latest-Now back in ACTION

  Parents found a letter on the door of Handsworth Day Care Centre on the  7th April
advising that the centre would be closing.We trust Birmingham City Council will soon get it sorted for everyone's sake,not least our children............
22 April- Centre Manager has been reinstated and has reopened centre to parents and children.A business plan is being prepared by the new Board to present to the Council so that the grant can be given.

Signs of Spring in Perry Hall park

Suspected Birmingham drug dealers targeted in major operation  February 2014
See full information on Neighbourhood watch page

but from our area

Imran Safdar, 29, from Wilton Road, Birchfield
Mohammed Chohan, 30, from Westminster Road,
Zeshan Khan, 26, from Crompton Road, Birchfield

2014 blog content
Lozells & East Handsworth Ward Committee meets Tuesday 14th January 7pm
at Welford Road Primary school, B20 2BL

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