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Below Tom Leigh with son Steve admire the chickens that have flourished since their return last year,with the addition of  new animals that have been born

  APRIL 2015- the Leigh Brothers now have new stock, the 3  Guinea Fowls act as noisy deterrents to any unwelcome guests (Rspca excepted);

                                                 but they don't mind the pheasant passing by.

                                              Chris knows how to keep them quiet

Below we see Steve and Chris relaxing with some of their healthy looking flock.

The RSPCA turn up at the Leigh Bros new Allotment Sanctuary to return the birds,(minus Ducks as agreed by both Parties Vets) after the court decided that the Leigh Bros should have their Birds given back.After 1 year of daily anxiety the brothers have been vindicated, a victory for common sense.


Leigh Bros with supporters at Birmingham Magistrates Court fight to get their Birds back from RSPCA

  Steven Leigh (second from right)  shows off  new facilities at the allotment Bird sanctuary,to inspectors from the RSPCA and other local supporters.

above      Their latest arrival, a bantam cockrel
below       Chris Leigh supports Villa, we think

Steve Leigh explains the background to the case

below: The Leigh Family check out a hen donated by a local supporter,with new sanctuary in background

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