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WARD Committee meeting  

7pm Tuesday 22nd November2016

at Handsworth Leisure Centre, Holly Road,

main agenda item,

Innovation Funding £47K

for groups in area to work with others.

Forum AGM 18th August 2016

7pm at Seventh Day Adventist Church,

98 Hutton Road, B20 3RD

We want your views on how to Help our Young People as we could apply for funding from the POLICE ACTIVE CITIZENS fund,and we could apply for funding to hold a COMMUNITY CELEBRATION like BIRCHFIELD HAS TALENT

Reports will be given of our activity over the last year and officers will be elected.

We have invited local councillors to answer any local issues you may have.


if you have a query or phone Jimoh Folarin (Chair) on 07799695797

BNF First Steps Community Plan.pdf 




PUBLIC MEETING Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum

Thursday 23rd July - 7- 9pm
Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall, 98 Hutton Road,Birchfield, B20 3RD All residents and people who contribute to our neighbourhood are welcome.
If you would like to get involved , or want to know what is happening in our area, come along, listen and have your say.
Be active in creating the Action Plan concerning the area where you live, work, play, study and worship.
Items for discussion will include, - After the Elections ?- Housing
- Friends of the Earth , recycling food waste. - First Steps Community Action Plan

NEXT SKIP DAY  16th February 2015  GROSVENOR ROAD- skips arrive at 10am, leave by 3pm.
 Please come and help tidy up this very untidy street, it's half term so no excuses !

At our AGM one of the agenda items dealt with Community concerns over permission granted to house "ex-offenders" in a hostel near to Westminster school, this reply has been sent from the council..........
Letter to Stamford Road Residents.pdf

Our last AGM on 2nd October 2014 at St Clare's School, Robert Road,
 welcomed many new residents. There were also 2 officers from BCC,and our 3 ward councillors
to answer our questions, together with our MP Khalid Mahmood
The following residents agreed to remain on the committee, Norma Wilkinson, Michael Tye, Jimoh Folarin  (chair), Rosa Grier, (Tasking group representative),Verona Paisely, (treasurer).Camille Paton-Devine.So we still have vacancies and look forward to recruiting new
members to the Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum

7th July- Handsworth Helping Hands invites Councillor Hussain to check out the contents of the skip collection from the waste land by the Rainbow Launderette at Church Vale where unfortunates had dumped black bags full of garden waste and even a yellow hazardous waste bag, He lends a hand too to pop this good quality mattress in the skip.

1-158 Wellington Road,(14 houses & flats)

2-rear 7 Calthorpe Road,(5 houses)
currently over 50 objections-now refused because it overlooks existing houses
but their resubmission to tweak the Council's objection has resulted in the development receiving permission to go ahead......................

3-Old Mill Close,(8 flats & houses)
4- There is also Development work both sides of junction of Westminster with Wellington Road,
this is not on Council Planning list as far as we can tell

February 2013- we have now paid the rate demand to BCC of £575.57 as a result of a kind donation to Aston Vision Association. We will resume publication of the Birchfield Bugle should further funding become available from our Community First application.

Due to  the miserly demand, which we dispute, for £575.57 from Birmingham City Council to pay rates on a rent free room kindly given by St Teresas Parish, at 311a Wellington Road, occupied to do Community work between August 07 to October 09,there will be no further community announcements on this page. Voluntary work seems to very costly not only in terms of time given over to services which the council should have supported, but in actual hard cash that had been allocated to Community Reachout (Birchfield Bugle). Thanks for your support over the years, but this may be our last communication,sorry. If we were a business then we would have been given credit, rate free for four years and a rebate, how is that fair ? Thanks for your help ward councillors, we expected more from you.
Aston Vision Association-publishers of Birchfield Bugle,& this Web site. 

NEWS from the

Our last AGM on 29th May 2013 at the Salvation Theatre on Westminster Road welcomed 4 new residents and 2 members of the church.There were also 12 officers from various organisations to answer our questions.
The following residents agreed to remain on the committee, Adele Blackstock (secretary), Norma Wilkinson, Michael Tye(chair), Jimoh Folarin (vice chair), Rosa Grier, (Tasking group representative),Verona Paisely, (treasurer), Monica Walker, and Brian Rhoden. So we still have vacancies and look forward to recruiting new members to the Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum

At the inaugural launch meeting on Tuesday 24th April 2012 at Holy Trinity School, Havelock Road, B20 3LP

the following were elected to become Your new  management committee.

Michael Tye - Calthorpe Road-Chair                              Jimoh Folarin - Old Mill Grove-Vice Chair

Adele Blackstock - Westminster Cresent -Secretary                    Shazia Banaras - Havelock Rd-Treasurer

Pervaiz Akhtar - Havelock Rd     -Publicity Officer

Norma Wilkinson  - Westminster Crescent- represents us on Neighbourhood tasking group

Rosa Grier - Westminster Rd- represents us on Ward Advisory Board, & leads Big Local sub group with the following members,
( both of these have since been disbanded, the former by Birmingham City Council after Sir Albert came to power, and the latter by our Forum as Big Local saw us incapable of running their affairs as they had encouraged us to in the beginning when the Lottery award was made public)

Brian Rhoden - Church Hill Rd        Verona Paisley - Livingstone Rd           Monica Walker - Stamford Road  
 Adika Grier West - Westminster Rd (resigned)  Carlos Wilmont - Wood Lane (resigned) Lurlyn Salmon - Stamford Rd (resigned)

after the last Public meeting on 24th July 2012 we welcomed Carol Reid (Maxwell Avenue) who volunteered to be a committee member, and after our September meeting Farasat Sawar (Grosvenor Road) was welcomed as a Young Persons representative.

Obinna Nkhocha - Birchfield Rd      Rev Canon Eve Pitts - Birchfield Rd ( apparently
these colleagues are not allowed to be on our forum according to
Birmingham City Council rules as they live on the wrong side of the
Birchfield Road, in the Aston ward, sorry guys, we really wanted you to be part of our Forum)

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