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February 2013- we have now paid the rate demand to BCC of £575.57 as a result of a kind donation to Aston Vision Association. We will resume publication of the Birchfield Bugle in Spring 2013, should further funding become available from our Community First application

SPRING 2012 this edition was ready for publication but due to Birmingham City Council Revenues department (council tax) demanding £557.57 for the period Aston Vision Association(the publishers) occupied 311a Wellington Road, a room given rent free by St Teresas Church, we have to return the money allocated to publishing this edition in the form of the rates payment. They originally told us that they had no money to give us a discretionary grant, but when we told Adrian Goldberg of Radio WM, that they were demanding over £3600, his quiet word with them resulting in them finding a spare pot of money to give us a 75% grant.After further negotiation it was reduced to the present amount, (80%). Aston Vision disputes this as we were conducting a Migrants' Support Project on behalf of St Georges Church PCC, Newtown, which is a registered charity, and they claimed the full mandatory tax rebate on our behalf.But the council managers decided otherwise, hence no Birchfield Bugle, sorry folks, blame the Council ! 2011 BUGLE2.pdf
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