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Alleged Foul Play by RSPCA

We are aware of an unkind Raid by the RSPCA last June when 49 birds where taken by from a  Birchfield backgarden wildlife sanctuary run by 2 local brothers. They both have suffered considerable mental stress as a result of the RSPCA action to take their stock.The RSPCA considered the conditions as unhealthy, despite their own vet giving a clean bill of health to 40 of the birds, However, some of the ducks were suffering from a Bumble foot condition, which has now improved.

None of the animals had to be destroyed.
The brothers had hens from a Battery Hen rescue charity, as well as  pheasants. The RSPCA even took Budgies from the house, but have now offered to return these.
The brothers are pleading for the return of their stock now that they have constructed an alternative sanctuary at their allotment site. These chaps are well known Community minded individuals who appear to have fallen foul of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 
They are contesting the RSPCA's demand for the animals to be signed over to them.They are not being prosecuted by the Society, who say that "this will not be in the Public interest".
So the Brothers are hoping that the Society will return all the animals in an "Out of Court" settlement, June 2014

Our elderly folk are not so quick to move out of danger from cyclists on the

Spring 2013,volunteers from the Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum plant up bulbs donated by HIRONS, a local garden centre,despite them being dug up again by certain folk who wanted them for their own gardens or to sell maybe.
atest campaign news... is is success at last?Yes! or NO!

 an inspection of the site on 28 September 2007 revealed a significant improvement in the amount of litter caught in the Council owned area beyond the chain link fencing, indicating that the promised "clear-up",  has happened. But we can now report that the long overdue TIDY UP has  really happened ( October 29th 2007). Trees have been pruned, a new fence installed, and not a drop of litter in sight, well done Councillor Hussain ! It was undertaken by GROUNDWORK.

We will continue to monitor any reoccurrence.

SEPTEMBER 2008 report

Casual passers by still continue to drop their unwanted BIG JOHN and PIZZA food packaging as they pass the fence by the bus stop.Perhaps we could have a visit one evening from the City Centre Litter Wardens who claim to have issued hundreds of FIXED PENALTY NOTICES

However, just around the corner on Grosvenor Road, in the entry way to the Council owned allotments we have another build up of litter, with discarded black bags, Big John containers complete with food for the rats,cans, bottles, and other unsightly objects. The Council's 303 1112 help line say they cannot authorise any collection of this garbage as it is not on the road or pavement but in an entry way. The Environmental Warden service has not seen this problem as they have had "staff shortages" according to their spokesman at the last Ward meeting. Photo to follow............. but now no need as 1st January 2008 saw the unsightly and unhealthy spot being cleared, after another request by a BRAG member.Could it have been the "double time" incentive, we like to think it was another operation well done by the Council. 

Below you can read about the history of our attempts to get the Verge  opposite,

St Teresa's Church, Wellington Roadt tidied up.This was  the scene by the bus stop.


on 17 September 2007 despite the  promises below from various officials........but now we are pleased to report that a long overdue TIDY UP has happened during the October 2007 Half term holiday.

Basically all we need is for the new District Neighbourhhod Manager, Kate Foley, (303 9844) and or the new Ward Support officer, Yvonne Wager, ( 464 8178)  to persuade the Street Cleaning people to get the place looking tidy, and empty the bin by the bus stop perhaps more than once a week !.. but now the lamp post bin on the opposite side of the road needs more regular attention........

Thanks to one of local residents, armed with his secateurs who had trimmed the brambles growing through the fencing.

Councillor Hussain was originally written to in

 August  2006

regarding this miserable verge opposite the church. Part of the problem is the ever-overflowing bin by the Bus stop, as people wait for the Number 11 they discard their Big John or Pizza take away. By January of this year we had received a reply from the Ward Support Officer to say that the department who owned the site, Economic Development, were seeing how they could finance a tidy up with Transportation who are responsible for its maintenence. We are awaiting the latest word on progress from Councillor Hussain.


4 April 2007

Groundwork's Jamiel Mohammad has promised to contact residents about a "feasibility study", which will ask local residents what they want doing about this untidy stretch of land. 



4 April


Jamiel of Groundwork tells us that the Council have selected this area to be on their ROSS List. This means it is one of several thousand Void sites in need of RESTORATION across the city. We are lucky indeed.



email from District Neighbourhood Manager, to say, "I understand that the embankment opposite St Theresa's Church is due to be submitted for the council's additional clean-up operation which now operates every 5 weeks in the constituency."


16th May 

Spoke to Senior District Manager (Mr Yogesh Gupta), based at Perry Barr District office who we are told is responsible for this site. He knew nothing about the problem and asked where it was and promised to go and have a look and then find out who should be maintaining it in his Transportation Department.


What we cannot understand is How Birmingham won the award of "Cleanest City in Britain" from the the British Cleaning Council.......oh yes it was the City Centre they are talking about, not our Ward.

However, we understand that Central government has agreed a timetable for undertaking 15 environmental quality surveys that will measure the city's performance in 2007/08. Perry Barr District , of which we are a part, is due for inspection on the 7 th of September.

looks like we could be getting a grade D, that's the lowest, perhaps they will create a special one for our filthy streets, how about "Z"






23rd May WARD meeting

at this Public meeting we asked for an update on the situation. Councillor Hussain, asked the District Director, Jan Kimber, who simply told us "to tell your community not to throw litter". There was no reply to our question, "Can we have more bins near the bus stop?". It seems that even the top people are little concerned about this issue........................ 

 3rd July contacted Perry Barr District office to ask if any action could be taken. Message received by Neighbourhood Manager who said she would pass on the request.............. 

2nd August we raised our concern as a matter of "urgent Public Concern" at the Public Ward Committee meeting. We asked that since it was now a year that the matter was raised with the Councillor that  if after the carnival has passed by on Sunday 5th August  a cleansing crew could attend to the matter...........but we live in hope...........



Promise Bin ! at the meeting on 6th September, Sgt. Ruane announced that funding had been secured for 8 new bins, and asked for locations. We suggested the above problem spot by the bus stop, we await developments.......


WARD Meeting 

 19th September

we asked about any progress with a clear up and were told that money had been allocated for this space.......




We are delighted to say that the TIDY UP has happened. Well done Councillor Hussain !

 29th October 2007, it only took 14 months.



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