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Objections needed by 1st March 2015 against this REAR GARDEN development with no access apart from a side passage !
Details Page for Planning Application - 2014/09206/PA
Site Address Land to the rear of 22/24 Haughton Road
Handsworth Birmingham B20 3LD 

  May 2014 -Planning Applications

This is not happening with any of these developments
1-   2014/02644/PA   14 dwellings on Site of former Petrol station,
158 Wellington Road, B20 2ND

2-  2014/02988/PA  Five detached houses on disused garage site,
 rear of 7 Calthorpe Road, B20 3LZ

(53 current objections) This had permission refused on grounds of overlooking existing properties,

but on 3rd October we received letter from Planning Dept to say that a new application   2a- 2014/05781/PA
with minor adjustments has been approved
, even though the previous one was still being in process of Appeal

3-   2014/02541/PA   Old Mill Close B20 3NE- build 6 flats, 2 houses on car park - this has been withdrawn

2011/07420/PA     Westminster Road/Wellington Road B20 2SD- Erection of 11 new dwelling houses, new access road and associated landscape and parking with ROAD CLOSURE at junction.

Birmingham City Council 2011 Census details of
Lozells & East Handsworth ward

Birchfield Estate on the move-view artists impression of proposed site

February 2013- we have now paid the rate demand to BCC of £575.57 as a result of a kind donation to Aston Vision Association. We will resume publication of the Birchfield Bugle should further funding become available from
our Community First application.

Due to  the demand, which we dispute, for £575.57 from Birmingham City Council to pay rates on a rent free room kindly given by St Teresas Parish, at 311a Wellington Road, occupied to do Community work between August 07 to October 09,there will be no further community announcementson this site. Voluntary work seems to very costly not only in terms of time given over to services which the council should have supported, but in actual hard cash that had been allocated to Community Reachout (Birchfield Bugle). Thanks for your support over the years, but this may be our last communication,sorry.Aston Vision Association-publishers of Birchfield Bugle, and this Web site.

Recycling rates for Birmingham are currently at 31.5 per cent, which compares poorly with other local authorities.
The proposals being drawn up will help drive the city towards its 50 per cent target by 2020 and a 60 per cent target by 2026.Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, said: “The proposal we are putting forward to government will ensure our waste management service is delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible for the citizens of Birmingham.“We are always looking at how to improve recycling in the city and we believe Birmingham will become a cleaner and greener place if we are successful in our bid. We will maintain our weekly collection. Wheeled bins will not be used in a small number of cases where they are impractical, and assisted collections will continue.“We know the issue of weekly collection is hugely important to citizens, and for many it is seen as the one of the main key services the council provides.  Therefore, we want to enhance what we currently provide, to bring the way we do things into the modern age – we do all we can to keep the streets clean, however the current system of bags makes this an almost impossible job and introducing wheeled bins will improve our living environment.“The argument in support of our plan is compelling and I
hope it will be looked upon favourably by the Government.”A recycling pilot scheme saw households in Bournville and Erdington given the chance to claim loyalty card points when they recycled – collection rates improved by nine per cent during the period, leading to the proposal to roll the project out to all 40 wards as part of the proposal to government.Full details of Birmingham’s bid need to be submitted to the DCLG by August 17 and successful proposals for a slice of the fund will be announced by the Secretary of State in October.If Birmingham’s bid is approved, an extensive pilot scheme and resident consultation exercise will be held to make sure that a future system of collection is appropriate to everybody’s needs and provides the best value for money for the city.

report – Analysis of kerbside dry recycling performance in the UK
2008/09, available at

The study suggests that local authorities which provide greater weekly equivalent containment capacity to householders for their dry recycling achieve higher dry recycling yields. Through the current box collection scheme, householders have around 110 litres of recycling capacity each fortnight, but this would be significantly increased under a new scheme.About the DCLG Weekly Collection Support SchemeThe Weekly Collection Support Scheme is a challenge fund which makes up to £250million available to support local authorities in delivering better weekly collections of household waste and recycling.Announced in September 2011 and launched in February 2012, the fund is open to competitive bids from English local authorities that wish to introduce, retain or reinstate a weekly collection service.Core criteria There are three criteria which each bid must satisfy in order to be considered successful. Each proposal must:•    deliver a weekly collection service to residents for a minimum of five years•    deliver value for money (in terms of cost effectiveness)•    deliver environmental benefits To access funding local authorities will sign up to deliver a weekly collection of residual household waste to residents and, in addition, some recycling. If a local authority has an existing fortnightly collection of residual household waste the addition of a weekly food (or organic) waste service, where a council can credibly demonstrate that this represents the preference of local people, could form the basis of a bid under the Scheme.

click link below to go to City Council Planning site

New Planning  Application- resubmission since April 2011 

Former Birmingham Lord Mayor dropped as Labour local election candidate by James Cartledge, Birmingham Post Mar 31 2011 Birmingham’s first Asian Lord Mayor has been dropped as a Labour candidate following the intervention of party chiefs.Labour’s National Executive Committee, decided Coun Mahmood Hussain should not defend his East Handsworth and Lozells ward in May’s local election.Instead Unite union official Waseem Zaffar will contest one of the city’s safest Labour seats.The party stepped in following allegations new members were being prevented from taking part in the selection process.It is the latest twist in a row between Coun Hussain and Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood, a close associate of Mr Zaffar.Mr Zaffar said: “I am delighted to be selected.”Read More

Free Event Free Event Free Event Free Event

10th March 201, 4.30pm -8.30pm, at The Banqueting Suite, Birchfield Road to Celebrate



Its your chance to celebrate Birchfield's talent and make new friends,

Auditions are being held for dancers, singers, any performers, poets

contact   07791379939 or before end of February


all are welcome to share with our Police team problems and listen to updates on crime in the area.

Dear Friend,
This is a note to inform you that CMAT closes on 30th November
 due to the loss of our Arts Council grant.
We are working with others to ensure the building and facilities remain as a community resource.
We will email you with the new details
Thank you for your ongoing support of CMAT.

16 Grosvenor Road
B20 3NP
t 0121 331 4746  f 0121 356 5048

CMAT in association with Access All Areas
A Farewell Concert with 
Mamane  Barka
The Lone Master  of the Biram

Wednesday 17 November 2010 at 7.00pm 
CMAT, 16  Grosvenor Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B20 3NP
*Tickets:  (Concert only) £5.00
*Tickets & ‘Rice & Peas’ dinner: £15.00 (dinner @ 6.00 pm)
(*must be booked in advance and no later than Friday 12)
Tel:    0121 331  4746
"It's a funky  and urgent sound ....that has an absorbing, hypnotic effect on the  listener" fROOTS Jan 2009 “
...  spellbinding tracks, a nice, rootsy variant on West African  blues.”    Signal to Noise Magazine, Oct  2009
A night in the  company of Mamane Barka is a chance not just to experience a  beautiful, forgotten music but also to hear the fascinating story of  Mamane Barka’s quest to rescue the biram, a sacred harp, from  extinction.  Mamane Barka of  Niger was born into a family of Toubou nomads and grew up to become a  teacher and then a celebrated musician with desert blues at his  heart. A decade ago  Mamane heard about the beautiful sound of the biram, an enormous boat  shaped 5-stringed harp sacred to the Boudouma people of Lake Chad. When he  learnt there was only one elderly player of the instrument left Mamane  went to live with the Boudouma to study with the old master, learning the  instrument and to be initiated into it’s rituals and ancient, mythical  songs.  On the death of the master, Mamane was bequeathed the  instrument and charged with bringing the biram to the attention of  the wider world. Now Mamane  maintains the tradition single-handedly touring the world with Oumarou  Adamou, the son of a Hausa griot, whose trance-enducing percussion is the  bedrock of this extraordinarily powerful desert blues.

Kind regards

Dr Bob Ramdhanie
Operations Director
16 Grosvenor Road
B20 3NP
t 0121 331 4746
f 0121 356 5048

Perry Barr Constituency Drug & Alcohol Sub Group Presents 
Insight Day: Supporting Communities Affected by Drugs & Alcohol
To be held on: Friday 19th November 2010 9.30am until 2.30pm at The Pavillion, Moor Lane, Perry Barr
To help develop effective strategies and community based interventions this Insight Day will focus on drugs, alcohol and its impact on local communities. The aim of the Insight Day is to provide an opportunity for partners and community groups to:
• Find out & share information about the impact that drug & alcohol use may be having on individuals, families and local communities
• Take part in discussions to look at what strategies and interventions are working to address drug & alcohol use at a community level
• Consider what communities can do to tackle drug & alcohol use
• Explore how we can build capacity within communities to develop effective community based interventions
• Market place with information stands from local providers including BDAAT & treatment providers
This event is aimed at: Statutory, 3rd sector and community groups e.g. faith based, resident or community led groups working or based in the Perry Barr Constituency (this includes Oscott, Perry Barr, Handsworth Wood, Lozells & East Handsworth Wards).
Venue: Pavillion (Birmingham City University, Moor Lane, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B6 7AA)
Book your FREE place now!

Insight Day Programme
9.30 Registration & Coffee
Birmingham Drug & Alcohol Strategy - Parveen Akhtar, Strategic Lead, Birmingham Drug & Alcohol Action Team
Impact of Drug & Alcohol Related Harm on Individuals, Families & Neighbourhoods – Barry Eveleigh, Lead Commissioner for Adult Treatment, Birmingham Drug & Alcohol Action Team
Drug Enforcement, Building Safer & Stronger Neighbourhoods - Inspector Debbie Walker, Drugs Intervention Manager,
West Midlands Police
Engaging Hard to Reach Drinkers –
Carole Fox, Operations Manager, Sifa
Drugs, Alcohol & Mental health - Grantley Haynes & Derek Tobin, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust
12.00 Lunch
Workshops: Focused on exploring impact of substance use within the communities and developing effective community based strategies
Feedback & Insight Day Evaluation
2pm Close

Booking Form
Name:  Organisation/community group:
Telephone number: 
 Number of places required: 
Please list any dietary or special requirements:
Please return by Friday 12th November
Return to Tracey Thorne, Neighbourhood Manager, Handsworth Community Fire Station, 41 Rookery Rd, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 9QU.
For more information call 0121 303 3401

Newtown Retirement Village Information Day < Up to 1,000 older people from Newtown are expected to view plans and share views at a major community information event featuring the £22m Pannel Croft Retirement Village which began construction this month.
When: Noon, 23rd November, 2010
Where: The Drum Arts Centre, 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4UU
interviews and comment from local residents; pictures with visitors and displays 
Open to the public between 11.30am and 5.30pm, the event is hosted by The ExtraCare Charitable Trust and Birmingham City Council as part of an ongoing consultation process to help ensure the Village meets local peoples’ needs and aspirations.  The event will include:
 Plans of the completed Village, including details of homes and communal leisure facilities
Opportunities for visitors to talk to City Councilors, ExtraCare support and activity staff and residents from existing ExtraCare villages•
Feedback areas for questions and comment
Activity areas which include free health checks, benefits advice and entertainment
Pannel Croft Village opens in Spring 2013 and will provide 180 affordable homes for rent (80%) and part-purchase (20%).  Properties will surround a community-based Village Centre with a wide range of facilities including a gym, restaurant, craft room and woodwork area.  Care will be available in the Village for those who need support.  

Community Web Kit provided free by BT